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Finished Flowers


Here is round one from making fabric flowers. I love these! It probably took less than an hour to make them all.


Round two took a little longer since I decided to go ahead and make templates for later.

Edit: Round two takes a lot longer. If I’m going to do more of these (which I am, they’re too cute) I’m going to buy a Cricut or some variation of it.

I want to be sure to thank the following websites for their images. If not for them, I would’ve had to draw these flowers freehand… and I’ll be honest, they would not have been nearly as pretty.


And here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, finished felt flower clips and a headband.

I am definitely learning patience, but all the while I am trying to find a quicker way to turn these out.

I will definitely be giving my hands a rest for a while. Hope you enjoy, and happy crafting.