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An Unexpected Achievement


I had no intention of blogging about this because, quite frankly, I didn’t think I’d see any real results.

Juice!!! It’s working!!!

I was discussing my lack of motivation for losing weight with a friend of mine. I know it needs to be done. My doctor has even said I’m “Clinically Overweight” and need to get on top of it now before my age starts to slow me down. Hate to tell her this, but I have felt 40 since I was 20… I think my age has more than caught up with me.

2012 07 25 - 3238 - DC - Naked

2012 07 25 – 3238 – DC – Naked (Photo credit: thisisbossi)

{Focus} Anyway, he was telling me about the “new” juicing fad in Cali. Some guy in a documentary replaced every meal with juice & lost two pounds a day. Not just any juice… fresh, organic produce that he juiced himself. Every day. Three meals a day. Right… and the first time someone sits a steak in front of me, I’ll gorge myself on it and anything else in sight. You can’t live that way. Or at least I can’t. I like food. {obviously}  But there’s no reason I can’t at least make an effort to eat better food.

So, Sunday at work, I had to run out to get lunch. I needed to get tortillas for fajitas that night, so I decide to pick something up for my lunch at the store. Conversation fresh in my mind, I found myself at the organic juice section of the produce department. Lo and behold, there was a bottle marked down to 2.99… Fine, I’ll try it. 

Here’s the breakdown…

I had no intention of starting a “diet” because, quite frankly, it’s a sprinter’s plan & I need something to sustain me for a marathon. I did, however, come up with a “trial” that I could do for at least the immediate future, and would get my head to a place where nutrition and exercise weren’t such daunting tasks.

Breakfast: High protein. For example, today I ate 2 scrambled eggs with shredded Colby cheese & a sausage patty. Oh, and a cup of coffee because, if I’m gonna be honest, it will be a cold day way south of here before I give up my coffee.

Lunch: Juice. I’m drinking about 16oz as a “meal” which is in the ballpark of 300-350 calories. I’m really liking this Naked Juice Green Machine because it has veggies as well as fruit. Today, I added about 6oz of carrot juice to the mix. I was surprised by just how good pure carrot juice is.

Dinner: Whatever I normally eat… just less of it. The other day we had patty melts { Basically, if a hamburger and a grilled cheese had a baby. For those who may not know.} and I still had a patty melt, fries, and a Coke. The difference being that I only ate one patty melt where usually I can eat two.

Results are In…

Last Friday, I weighed in at the doctor at 144.8.

This morning, I stepped on my bathroom scale at 140.2.

Could it be a fluke? Sure. But, this is the most progress I’ve seen in a single week. Ever. And the only change I’ve made… is juice. We’ll see how long I can keep it up.