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30 Day Shred




April 2 – Day 1

I am dying. Not just “whew, that really kicked my butt”… I could quite possibly die. I’ve never worked out so hard in my life! I keep telling myself it will be worth it in 30 days, but for now, I just want to curl up into the fetal position and sleep for a very long time.

April 4 – Day 2

If you can count, you know that I skipped a day. I was still dying yesterday. Today, however, I am not dying. I hurt… a lot. But it’s a good “I’m finally doing something about it” kind of hurt. I can live with that.

April 6 – Day 3

Like my counting skills? I don’t know what happened yesterday… I just didn’t.


April 11 – Day 1

I really stink at follow-through. Probably stems from my ADD… most things do. I’m very easily bored, and even more easily distracted. I really need to remember the advice I Pin… If you’re tired of starting over, STOP QUITTING! So I’m challenging myself to see this through. For real this time. Here…we…go!

I didn’t die. That’s always a plus. I felt like I might go toward the light there in the last 6 minutes or so, but once I got through the cool down I actually felt great. I was starving, and totally defeated my workout by eating a chili dog… but whatever. I mean, it was better than NOT working out and eating the chili dog {which is how my “normal” days go} so I still feel good. Tiny issue, though, something pulled in my left knee while I was doing jumping jacks. Hoping it’s nothing since it’s not a constant pain, only when I go up and down the stairs.

April 12 – Day 2

Nope. Knee definitely hurt too bad to do the video. I did some light core stuff, and there was a lot of playing with my not-so-little Little. There has to be at least some credit given for repetitive lifting of a 35lb. 2-year old… Tomorrow is another day & I didn’t stay sedentary today, so I’m ok with that.

April 13 

I need a better plan. Just trying to do this workout “at some point” in my day makes it really difficult to follow through. By the time I got off work, went to a baby shower, made dinner, and put my Little to bed… I was completely exhausted, and just fell into the bed. I have to set a time aside that no matter what, at this time every day I’m going to work out.

April 14 – Day 3

More mad counting skillz. Anyway, I did it. And I didn’t die. The knees are feeling much better, and I was even able to climb the stairs afterward and make lunch. I made the decision to workout before lunch because I’ve noticed I’m prone to being “too full” after I eat… then I end up snacking for the rest of the day {one of my worst habits… I’m a grazer.}  and so I end up realizing at the end of the day that I never worked out. For the first 5 or 6 minutes, my empty belly made all kinds of sounds trying to get me to stop the video and go eat. I held out ’til the end. My goal for tomorrow is to add weights. I have some small dumbbells, but I wasn’t sure I could actually do the workout with them {yes, I’m that out of shape} but now that I’ve got some endurance building, I think I’ll up the ante a bit. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

And that was as far as I got…

May 20

Supposedly, Hubby Dearest is going to start working out with me. We both need it. He was holding me last night & I had to keep adjusting because his fat was squishing my fat… Sexy, I know…


{Marathon Mayhem} I think I skipped a week


I worked a lot of overtime this week, so my days are a little or a lot } jumbled. I did a quick glance at my calendar, and I’m pretty sure I missed last week. So let me catch everyone up.
PhotobucketIt’s not bad progress. I mean, it’s more than I was exercising before. I just want to be more active. Even I should have 15 minutes a day to do something that could count as a workout. A few of these “success” days were running with my son out in the yard. 30 minutes of playing with a toddler definitely counts as exercise in my book.

The trickier part for me is eating. I eat like I’m pregnant. That doesn’t mean “eating for two” or any other cliche about overeating. I get food swings. One day nothing will sound good at all, so I usually end up drinking a lot of coffee that day. Other days { like today } I get a really strong craving, and that’s all I want. Today it was wings from Domino’s. In addition to an order of wings, I ate half a Chicken Parm sandwich, had Coke to drink, and I’m about to “wash it down” with a Reese’s.

I don’t even know what goals to set for the next week. I think the weather forecast shows it cooler than it has been lately, so hopefully I can get out and walk. I wish the mosquitoes weren’t so bad at my house, I’d take the kiddo for an evening stroll. There are several factors that prevent that. Mosquitoes, and the fact that every bite I get swells to the size of a 50 cent piece that’s big for those of you who are too young to know what one looks like } plus when I work our evenings are hectic at best, and lastly people in the country drive twice the speed limit and usually don’t see what’s in front of them until they hit it… I have a dislike for being anyone’s speed-bump.

Looks like more living room wrestling with “mine” I’ve decided to start calling him that since it’s his new favorite word } and probably less food swings. I’m already not excited for this coming week.

Marathon Mayhem – Week 3 {I think}


So, yea… I stepped on the scale this morning. Not sure why. I usually try to avoid it unless I go to the doctor or something.

137.0 lbs.

Now before anyone gets all “I wish I was just 137″ on me, I understand there are people with more to lose. Everyone has their own “happy weight” and 137 is not mine. Whatever yours may be, good luck and all the best in achieving it. Now, back to my whining. Well, $#!+. That means I have gained back all 8 pounds that I lost a few months ago { before I got tired of counting Points } and I’m back to where I started. I’ve promised to keep this blog G-rated, but there are several PG words I’m feeling currently.

Twelve. 12. That’s how many pounds of “Squishy London” I want to lose. If I regain them as “Buff London” I’m totally ok with that, but all this more to love is for the birds. I’m in the worst shape of my life, and I’ve let myself get to that point because I didn’t feel like sticking with anything long enough to make a difference.

21 Days to Make a Habit.  Even I should be able to have that kind of attention span. { squirrel }


Woohoo! Look what I found! 21habit.com lets you set a goal & check in daily until you meet it. There’s a Free Mode { which I’m using because I spent my weekly allowance on crafts } as well as a committed Mode – You put $21 in an account and for every day that you succeed you get $1 back. When If you fail then they donate $1 to a charity.

Last Week’s progress

  • I did get in some walking two days, so that was good.
  • I slipped on my “No cokes at all” thing, but I think I only had 2 all week.
  • I don’t remember what other goals I set, which means I probably didn’t meet them.

I guess that sums it up. I’m still in full Craft Mode, so everything else is kind of a blur. We’ll see how this week goes. Boy, this was a bummer-post. Sorry if my blah rubs off on anyone else.

Oh yea… Marathon Mayhem – Week 2


I discovered that the reason I don’t train for marathons or maintain a gym schedule is not because I am not motivated… it’s because I get distracted by things that I am more motivated to do.

Like crafting.

I did not write a single journal entry this week, or keep up with how many cokes a day, or walk. Every spare moment was spent crafting in some way. Business cards, cutting out patterns, pinning fabric to be sewn later, button sewing… you name it. I also enjoyed the heck out of it. I have had a lot of great opportunities come my way this week, and I’m jumping at the chance to really enjoy my work. I have a mile long list that I can’t wait to tackle. That being said, I still have to get on some fitness goals.

  1. No Coke this week. Coffee or water. Period. I can go 7 days without it.
  2. When possible, I will sit on my exercise ball instead of the couch. I’m more likely to start doing ab or leg work if I’m on the ball.
  3. At least 2 days this week, I need to walk 15 minutes.

We’ll start there and see what I can get done, then we’ll make out the next week’s goals. I have to make time for all of my well-being.

Edit: 6 hours since I posted, and I really, really want a coke.

Day 3 through… whatever today is.


In my defense, we’ve been on vacation this week. The first half, I had no internet. The second half, my brain was in about a dozen places at once… and apparently none of those places were near my blog. I didn’t walk until this morning before work. I did ok with the water vs coke thing (except driving home Tuesday I had like 4 cokes or something).

But today starts a new week.

I had a good, high protein breakfast… and no coffee. I can’t actually boast about that, though, because if I’d had time I would’ve made a pot. And it’s not even 9:00, so chances are I’ll have Starbucks within the next hour or so. Anyway, I also got in my 15 minute walk at the gym. I wanted to go longer, but my legs were turning to jello and I was really worried I’d be late for work. I brought my Cheerios to work so I can snack on something besides pork rinds… oh, but I do so love my pork rinds.

Focus. I’m going to do my best to write a weekly progress report until I actually run a half marathon. I’m keeping a journal through the week about how I feel, mentally and physically, as well as plans and obstacles for the upcoming week(s). I hope you can all bear with me while I try to gather my thoughts into something worth reading. For now, I wish everyone a good weekend, and hope you do what you love.

Day 1 (yesterday) & Day 2


Even though I won’t get to do the half marathon like I wanted, I am still putting forth an effort to get ready for more races. Here are my day-to-day goals, followed by some that I’m working up to.

  • One coke a day. I’ve been really bad about drinking three, sometimes four cokes in a day. And no water for days at a time. I’m a caffeine junkie. Always have been, and my kidneys hate me on a regular basis. Which leads to the next goal…
  • Switch to decaf coffee. It will be a cold day in… the south before I give up my coffee. Period. But I already drink decaf at home, so all that’s left is ordering decaf when I’m out.
  • Drink more water. I’m going to start out with 2 bottles of water a day, and go from there. Only allowing myself one coke should help.
  • Walk at least 15 minutes everyday. I am never so busy that I can’t spare 15 minutes of 24 hours at some point during the day.
  • Easy on the salt. This will be the hardest for me. Probably harder than caffeine. I.like.salt. Given a choice, I will pick a salty snack 98% of the time. If I have sweets, I want something salty with it.
  • Eat a better breakfast (or just EAT breakfast for starters). Most days, I have coffee for breakfast. Days like today, I had coffee and a warm apple fritter… Carbs are why London wears a one-piece. As I get into running, my tastes will changes & I’ll crave proteins, but right now I could live on breads.

I think that’s all for daily goals… Oh, add a multivitamin to that. For long(er) term goals, I’m still a little vague.

  • Run (not walk) a 5k. I’m very proud of myself for completing a 5k, but I know I can do better if I try. My goal was to get through it, and I did. Now it’s time to step it up.
  • Complete a 15k. I’m realistic, and know I can’t run an entire 9 mile circuit. At least not yet. But if I keep up my training, I can at least get through it.
  • For God’s sake, tone up! At 25, my arms shouldn’t keep waving after I’ve stopped. I need some all-over attention, and in a hurry.
  • DO all those projects around the house. My mind stays cluttered with all the things that need to be done, and it’s easy to do nothing (literally, I sit and space out) when there’s so much to do. Tackle something, and then keep going. Bonus points* because most of the To-Do’s involve physical labor.

Now for my progress. I meant to sit down last night and write this out, but it just didn’t happen.

Day 1, June 1

I had a good breakfast, Multigrain Cheerios, and got dressed in something I could work out in. Dug out my toning Reebok‘s. And went to work. Lunch was a little blah I had a Coke and some sour cream & onion chips. I talked to my sister-in-law about her little girl (she’s 7 weeks old and just had open heart surgery). I needed to clear my head, so I went to the gym & ran for 15 minutes then tanned for 10. It helped, but I’m still bogged down worrying for my niece. Overall, it was a good first day to start trying to make changes.

Day 2, June 2

I slept like a baby last night… up every hour. My little guy is teething and his allergies are bothering him. It was midnight before I got to bed, and he was up at 12:30. Then again at 1:45, 2:30, 2:45, 3:30, and 4:00. I finally thought to give him some tylenol, and we fell asleep in his toddler bed with him laying on top of me in a bear-hug. I woke up at 6:30, cussing a little bit because I need to leave the house at 6:30 to get to work by 8. Decided, since I was already late, to go to my sister’s for coffee. Got more coffee, and that apple fritter, now I’m here at work. I’m trying to motivate myself to get my work done so I can go run… You can see how well that’s working out. I’ll update later with my progress from the day.

Half Marathon {Dear Lord, what am I getting into?!}


At the end of March, I ran my very first 5k and it was the most amazing experience. It was made that much better because I had my best friend right beside me (for the first half) to tell me how sad I am for letting senior citizens pass me. Yea, Dustin is awesome like that. When we hit the halfway mark, I released him from his “good friend” duties and he took off at his own (much faster) pace. I finished in 51:44, and for my first 5k and no real training, I was just glad to make it across the finish line. I’m hooked. I want to do more. (I want to actually train this time, too.)

The Murfreesboro Half Marathon is in October. 20 weeks from now. I want to do it. Logic, however, dictates that I should be able to run a 5k before trying to just complete a half-marathon. So here’s my plan…

I will do the Couch to 5k Challenge (6 week program, I think) and then keep adding to my distance until I reach that 13.1 miles. I have 20 weeks to build the kind of endurance I need. My biggest challenge is going to be actually training. There were so many days while preparing for my 5k that I just didn’t feel like it, and my laziness won out. I need help staying accountable & it sucks that my time is so thinly stretched already.

Well, that was short-lived.

Between last night when I started this post, and right now when I sat down to finish it up, I realized a few issues with my plan.

  • Registration started today and I can’t justify paying for a race when there are still bills in my basket.
  • Last year’s race sold out in 11 days… I will still have bills in my basket 11 days from now.
  • Most of the training tutorials I found (strongly) suggested 4 to 6 months of running experience before attempting a half marathon.
  • I’m a fair-weather runner, and today’s weather is borderline gross.

Okay, so the last one is just and excuse, but the others are completely valid. I guess I will do the 5k training anyway, and register for the next one. I can build up my experience until I feel more comfortable, and then move up to 15k, and save the half marathon for an “eventually” goal. No, not eventually. Soon. Eventually gives me too much time to slack off. I will run next year’s Middle Half.