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Busy Busy as a Bee


I’ve had a lot on my to-do list as of late. But, luckily, I’ve also been making steady strides toward checking that list off.

Special Kids Race


It was cold. Really cold. So my goal of less than 45:00 for the 5K went out the window somewhere near the 1-mile marker. I made it in 47:29, which is 2:36 faster than last year… overall, I’m happy. Anyone interested in being inspired should check out Special Kids Inc. They are truly a fantastic group of people.


Check. {kinda}

Mom & I finally finished my work table. We also hi-jacked two small cabinets that were being utilized as catch-all’s, and will be most likely storing sewing related, umm… clutter-junk. I’m really excited to have at least something completed in the mess I’ve made in the garage. Weather permitting, I will have a major purge party this Wednesday and Thursday. This needs to extend to my room upstairs, too… but let’s not do anything rash. I have 3 shelving units of garage stuff that needs to be condensed and organized. Once I’ve finished with that, I can give everything a thorough scrubbing and decide where my craft goodies can be stored.

Feeling Fat


I just started the 30 Day Shred. I hurt. A lot. It’s a good hurt. I’m finally doing something {besides whining } about the way I feel. My clothes don’t fit right. My “girls” don’t sit right. I can’t play with my son without needing a literal breather after just 15 minutes or so. And thank you, American Dream, for conditioning my self-worth to be based on my physical aspects. As much as I want to tell myself that I am more than a pretty face or a dress size… it still makes me feel like crud to realize I’m getting older & the things I took for granted are slipping away. I know that I will never, ever, ever squeeze into a size 2 again. I’m fine with that. Really. What I’m not fine with is the fact that just a year ago I was able to {comfortably}  wear a size 4, and I have now had to throw out that size 4 because my thighs rubbed a hole in the inseam. The easy solution is to throw in the towel and buy bigger clothes. The harder, but more rewarding, solution is to work hard and get healthy. I really am doing this more for health than vanity. There are a lot of scary things out there for people who let their health get away from them. While, yes, I’m getting older… I’m still too young to just not do something about it.

Right. So now to “The List” {Dun Dun Duuun!}

Tea Party – After school lets out. Several DIY tutorials. Lots of fun for the kids & us.

Home Décor – More DIY tutorials. I’m really excited because the two projects I’m currently working on were practically free.

Crochet – I’m slightly overwhelmed with projects, but there’s an end in sight! And some fun, nerdy projects I’m going to start after these are done.

Prayer Squares – My church’s ladies ministry is going to start making lap quilts for the sick and recovering members of the congregation. I’m really looking forward to this endeavor, and hoping it will bring some unity to our group. Can I ask for prayers for our group leader Linda as she follows God’s call in her life?

Purge – There are a lot of things in our house that have outlived their usefulness. We need to do a major purge from one end to the other. I say “we” but it will likely be “me” and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Doctor Who – A little nerdy fun. I started watching the show a few weeks ago on Netflix. I’m somewhere in Season 4, and really really excited {I need to find a new word. I get “excited” a lot… } to get caught up to the current season. It’s fun. Not sure why I never got into it before. I always wrote it off as being “very British” and maybe it is, and maybe that’s why I like it… Hubby Dearest & I tend to fall into a TV rut where all we watch are crime dramas. They are rather predictable after a while. The Doctor is a lot of things, but predictable is not one of them.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Hubby Dearest bought it for me on Amazon for next to nothing, after a friend of mine threatened to revoke my Nerd Card for not having read it. It should be in my mailbox soon. I’m excited! {See! There it is again!}

And so, in closing, I wish everyone the very best of luck with their own Lists. Time to tackle a few more bits of mine. Do what you love!


Craft Bliss


I neglected almost all of my housework this week in order to get my craft fix inspired craft time. I had a lot of supplies arrive in the mail this week… and of course, I had to use them ASAP.

First up, canvas!








Ok… This one is actually on newspaper. Not canvas. }


And one I haven’t named…


I also have wood blocks, wall trim, pegboard, and vinyl chalkboard sheets.

I’ll be sure to post again when I get some things going with my other supplies.

In the meantime, go do something you love… I know I will!

I’m linking up with some other crafty ladies here:

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Just Another Shirt Re-do


Funny story. I haven’t actually made anything yet, and don’t have a specific idea in mind. I was looking at my { many } t-shirts this morning before work, and decided to do something to one of them. That was as far as I got before getting myself and my little sleepyhead ready and out the door. Can’t wait to get home and come up with something awesome!

Sweet! I now know what to do. While helping my little sister & her husband move in to their new house, I accidentally got bleach on my really awesome purple tank top. Like a good little crafter, I didn’t throw it away, but instead washed it & put it up in my Do Something collection. It’s a box of things that are no longer in mint condition, but are still structurally sound.

For this Re-do, I’m using:

  • The shirt
  • A bleach pen
  • Spray bottle with fabric dye bleach
  • Fabric rosettes


Almost a week later… }

I got excited and forgot to take a “before” picture. I just started spraying my tank top with bleach water.


Then I decided to sprinkle some straight bleach on it.
0708121519I had several more ideas {as you can see from my crossed off supply list} but I really liked it as-is. So there it is!

Oh yea… Marathon Mayhem – Week 2


I discovered that the reason I don’t train for marathons or maintain a gym schedule is not because I am not motivated… it’s because I get distracted by things that I am more motivated to do.

Like crafting.

I did not write a single journal entry this week, or keep up with how many cokes a day, or walk. Every spare moment was spent crafting in some way. Business cards, cutting out patterns, pinning fabric to be sewn later, button sewing… you name it. I also enjoyed the heck out of it. I have had a lot of great opportunities come my way this week, and I’m jumping at the chance to really enjoy my work. I have a mile long list that I can’t wait to tackle. That being said, I still have to get on some fitness goals.

  1. No Coke this week. Coffee or water. Period. I can go 7 days without it.
  2. When possible, I will sit on my exercise ball instead of the couch. I’m more likely to start doing ab or leg work if I’m on the ball.
  3. At least 2 days this week, I need to walk 15 minutes.

We’ll start there and see what I can get done, then we’ll make out the next week’s goals. I have to make time for all of my well-being.

Edit: 6 hours since I posted, and I really, really want a coke.

I am a proud new Etsy owner!


There are a lot of people who have been encouraging me to try my hand at selling my crafts { to a larger market than friends and family }and so without further ado…
I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I think everyone gets it now. Time to get to work on all of my new stuffed animals. But first, I have to be up for work in less than 5 hours… so I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow I am totally getting a jump on things.

I’m so happy to be able to do what I love {and hopefully make some money off it }

Good night, all.

Braden’s New Bookshelf


I had a really fantastic project for bookshelves in Braden’s room. They turned out fantastic.

Instead of “traditional” shelves where you only see the spine of the book, I found this idea on Pinterest.

It was incredibly easy, and he could see the fronts of his books to decide which one he wanted.

Bookshelves. Check.
However, what we did not take into account is that we have our very own little weapon of mass destruction.

Within just a few months, he pulled one end out of the wall. I heard the classic “uh-oh” and when I went to check…

It wasn’t pretty. It also let me know that either my stud-finder doesn’t work, or I don’t know how to use it.

Fast forward to today…

Since the majority of his books have been strewn across the floor a while,

I decided to get him a new bookshelf.

ClosetMaid makes a very nice line of Cubeicals so I bought a 9-cube unit.

I have put together a lot of furniture in my time.

This was wonderful! The instructions made sense, all the pieces were there, no stripped screws.

Wonderful! And it feels very secure (of course we will still anchor it to the wall… once we find a stud).


It still needs some decorative touches, but those will come a bit at at time.

At least the books are out of the floor.