I shall call her Cupcake


My sister is having a baby {like, any day now she could pop} and with the new addition comes clothes. Lots and lots and lots of clothes. So a dresser was needed. She found this really nice, white dresser at a yard sale for $25. A little steep, but it’s solid wood, and more important it was needed. 1022122255

“London, can you make this pretty? Ooh! and sparkly!!”

“Of course, I can!” {Because never have I turned down the chance to paint a piece of furniture… and I hope I never will.}

So, I started with color choices. I had just bought her a pink and blue baby blanket with cupcakes all over it. Chocolate cupcake with pink sprinkles!!! That was the easy part… After several days, I was able to narrow down to one brown, and two pinks. A 9-year old girl made the final pink decision for me.





Who wouldn’t love a dresser in their room that was a “Fudge Celebration”?!! I mean, really.

I got slightly carried away, and didn’t take “during” pics. So, above was the Before… and here is the After.

However, I did not get the “sprinkles” made until after I had returned the dresser to her rightful home. With baby coming any day now, her momma needed to start loading all those clothes into her dresser. These will be added to the “Cupcake” next time I’m over to the house.






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In no particular order, I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a lab rat, a poet, a gardener, a craft goddess-in-training, a daydreamer, a painter, a doodler, a bookworm, a some day entrepreneur, a rock star, a super hero, a fixer, a coffee enthusiast, a music lover, a beach dweller, a treadmill dreader, and a would-be tree-hugger. I love beautiful things, and sometimes have a really different take on what's beautiful. I have a wonderful (albeit stressful) life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Some days I want to pull the covers over my head and stay indefinitely, but other days I want to jump up and find something amazing to see/ do/ make. I want to share the things I am passionate about with other passionate people. And so it begins...

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