{almost} Free Ironing Board Bookshelf


As I’ve been {finally} getting my craft room together, I was ready to get to work on a project I pinned forever ago. Unfortunately, I do not know the source of my inspiration thanks to all of the pinning and re-pinning that goes on. Here is the photo. If anyone know the source, I will most definitely link back properly.

PhotobucketI’m a huge fan of organization, and grouping things together by their purpose. When I saw this combination ironing board and fabric storage a few months ago, I was instantly in love. I began keeping my eye out for similar shelving units so I could incorporate this into my new craft room. My search proved a more difficult task that I thought.

But one day, I came home to find a perfect foundation for my project. Just sitting in my garage as if by magic. A little better than magic, maybe. It was free! Turns out, hubby dearest’s father was getting new goodies for his tool shed. He no longer needed this shelf, so he brought it to us. He suggested finding a good spot in the garage to help get things organized… HA! There’s been no organization in there since we moved in. Why start now? Besides, I knew exactly where this shelf was going. My Room!

 It was a very heavy piece of furniture to carry up the stairs… by myself… while my toddler was napping….           but I got it.

First step was to take stock of what kind of shape he was in. This piece is definitely a he. Too bulky and rough to be feminine at all. I got out a dust rag, and wiped away the dirt, grime, and cobwebs. Underneath, I found another layer of grime, so I got some warm water and wiped him down again. As you can see below, some things were going to take a little more time to get really clean… I didn’t want have that kind of time.

Photobucket Photobucket

So I did what all lazy cheap crafty mommas do. I covered up the mess. Dollar Tree had rolls of contact paper that were 18″x 1.5 yds… for a dollar. That was my only expense for this project. $4 worth of contact paper. Everything else was stuck somewhere in my stash of goodies. Crud. That’s not actually true. I bought a staple gun and staples because I was tired of always having to borrow my mom’s. So my project total was actually $14. Still that’s pretty sweet.

Here’s where that new staple gun comes in.

What you’ll need:

  • Your shelf (obviously)
  • Batting
  • Fabric (and trim if you want)
  • Staples & Staple gun
  • Measuring tape (this was an afterthought and I’m glad I thought of it before I cut)
  • Scissors
  • Patience (especially important when your two-year old wants to “help”)

Measure the length and width of the shelf top. I added two inches to make sure there was enough material to cover the edge of the shelf. Cut your batting {I used two layers}and lay it flat across the top shelf. I wish now that I would’ve taken pictures along the way of where to staple first. I stapled the middle of one long side, then did the same for the other long side. Repeat for shorter sides. After that, I wrapped and stapled the corners so that they laid flat {}again wishing I had taken a picture to show what I’m talking about and stapled the “middles” from where I had already stapled, working all the way around the shelf. { You use a LOT of staples. Just FYI.} And tah-dah the batting is done!



The only things different about stapling the fabric is that I only used one layer {it seemed silly to use two, but I guess if you used a thinner cotton you might} and I folded the raw edges under so there were no frays showing when I stapled them to the edge of the shelf. The rest was exactly the same.

I’m in love with how it has turned out, and got to work on a few sewing projects immediately. I am still, however, sorting my fabric. I’m in desperate need of a “system” if anyone knows where to find a tutorial of sorts on such a thing.



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