Almost Free Dresser Re-do {Meet Miriam}


{Allow me to re-cap for those who don’t read along regularly.}

I was given a free dresser just a week or two ago. free.  I’ve been holding some paint for my little sister, and got the go-ahead to use it for myself. free. I also just purchased several packages of drawer pulls from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $11 a set (10).See Vanessa Craft

I decided to make this dresser special. I wanted it to really POP!in my new or soon-to-be-new craft room. When in doubt, ask some friends. It really helps to have friends like Vanessa……                                                    {psst! —-→ }

Just sayin’. She’s the one who suggested aqua or something similar. Which reminded me of my sister’s “Melon Rind” paint that’s been hanging out in my garage since, like, June. I asked permission first, but I probably would’ve used it even if she said no.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Meet Miriam

0828121814 She was a little dirty, and a little frumpy in her modest, all white garb. So I took her in, and gave her a nice bath {Magic Eraser style }and a fresh, vibrant wardrobe change. I used an off-brand latex paint in Melon Rind. My sister bought it from a local paint shop that sells super cheap mis-tints and contractor leftovers. They’re my favorite new place for paint.

Anyway, you can see below the yucky first attempt at a drawer design. Always go with your first choice, just like when you were prepping for the ACT {or SAT if you weren’t like I was, and didn’t pick a “safe” school who didn’t look at SAT scores}This drawer is now awaiting my mom’s sander, and a mulligan.


Here she is in all her glory.

0905122246 As soon as my other pictures upload, I’ll show a close up of the distressed corners and edges. It works really well in my newly painted craft room {oops, spoiler-alert. That post is in the works.}
DSCN0626 I love the thin stenciled lines on the drawers. Of all things to use as a stencil, a baby food lid and a piece of cardstock. I just needed something round & something straight… so that’s what I grabbed. Whatever works, right?

So what works for you? Do you have a fantastic re-do to show off? Maybe one that’s in the works? Do it! Love it! Share it!

I’m sharing here:

creative corner hop

See Vanessa Craft


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In no particular order, I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a lab rat, a poet, a gardener, a craft goddess-in-training, a daydreamer, a painter, a doodler, a bookworm, a some day entrepreneur, a rock star, a super hero, a fixer, a coffee enthusiast, a music lover, a beach dweller, a treadmill dreader, and a would-be tree-hugger. I love beautiful things, and sometimes have a really different take on what's beautiful. I have a wonderful (albeit stressful) life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Some days I want to pull the covers over my head and stay indefinitely, but other days I want to jump up and find something amazing to see/ do/ make. I want to share the things I am passionate about with other passionate people. And so it begins...

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    • Thanks! Also, I don’t remember which post it was, but you had a copy of “no other gods” in one of the pictures. I bought one for myself and one for my sister. I love it! It has been an eye opener to some nagging feelings I’ve had lately. So glad God lets us share His will even without knowing we’re doing it.

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  2. Yay! Thanks for being the first person to indulge me in my request for a “Once upon a time.” You had me so intrigued, I just HAD to click over to read your post to hear what happens next! And I must say, it was worth it. Your finished product turned out fabulously…and I can hardly believe the pricetag: the cost of a few drawer pulls. That’s my kinda d.i.y.

    Thanks for the invitation over here to your lovely blog. Love your writing style!


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