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Goodwill Goodies {and random painting}


0926121325Ahh, the Goodwill Store. It’s one of my favorite places. I love shopping secondhand because people get rid of the coolest stuff. And you can then buy that cool stuff for cheap. Who doesn’t like cheap? All of these goodies were bought for the awesome low price of $24.66.

This really fun painting is on a 2ft x 4ft canvas. Only 3.99! Hubby dearest doesn’t like it {abstract is not his cup of tea}so I will be painting over it with something a little more our pace. I’m thinking deep grey with movie quotes from some our favorite films.


Now, this sweet little wooden sign was also 3.99 and I couldn’t pass it up. I can’t wait to get the porch ready for the holidays. Autumn is such a great time for warm, welcoming homes. That starts at the front door… and I have big plans for the coming weeks. If you remember my Count Your Blessings Wreath, I said I’m going to paint my door. I’m really in love with teal right now, so I grabbed a handful of teal-ish paint chips for hubby dearest to help me decide. He was not amused when my answer to “Is teal green or blue?” was “Yes.” But we looked at the colors, and decided on one called Bermuda. It has that rich blue-green that you see in the ocean getaway commercials. It was put on the back burner, though because of budget boo-boos {life insurance was due, and that trumps a can of paint} until… I tossed the paint chip on top of Miriam…. and they’re almost exactly the same color. My door is about to become Melon Rind!


The picture doesn’t do it justice, but this metal wall tile has seen some wear. Not just the faux distressed paint, either. The edges are chipped and dented, and there as a few scrapes here and there.

I love it! Only 1.99!

That  price tag gives me a little bit  more to play with when looking for flanking pieces. I love the flower in the center of the circle, so I  am searching for smaller somethings that will highlight that.


The birds. For whatever reason, I have always loved birds, and I am so flippin’ happy that they have made such a huge comeback in the last few years. I have little ceramic birds placed here and about. Bird houses. Prints. And a fabric print rooster that I just tacked to the wall a week ago… I need to find that picture. 1.99 each. The plate belonged to my great-grandpa {its mates are in my hutch awaiting a display stand }and the wire shelf was a dumpster find… so, free.


These sweet little pictures were .49 and .99 each. I had a vague notion of what I wanted them for, and so I happily parted with my $4. It was well worth it, too, because after finding homes for the other finds of the day, I set to work on making something for me!

At some point, I joined the “Keep Calm” bandwagon. I bought a stamp set from my local scrapbooking store with the options to Keep Calm and Sew/Paint/Draw/Craft/Carry On. So, I dug it out and set to make a “Keep Calm and Craft On” picture for the {still mostly blank} wall above the guest bed. The light blue jumped out at me in a sea of mostly neutral acrylic paints. I cut out the page from Webster’s with create and began doing just that. While the dictionary page was drying, I set my sights on the large, gold, framed geese. Not quite the look I had in mind. Take it apart, paint over the geese, and then the fun part… I read a blog not long ago on Posed Perfection where she traced an image in paint pen directly onto the glass of her frame, then put pretty paper behind her painting. Hers is much prettier than mine, but it’s the same concept. I used one of my great-grandmother’s embroidery patterns as my image. It’s a bird, of course.


While that dried, I set to work on the two wooden blocks. I laughed because I hadn’t realized the “frames” of the blocks were already the same blue I had chosen for my oval pictures. Actually, I probably did without being consciously aware of it. Anyway, I remembered some sheet music fabric I recieved from a scrap swap.

Block + Mod Podge + Fabric = Sweet and Simple Old-to-New


Random Painting. I really don’t know what else to call it since I just got the notion to paint some things I had lying around with some paint I had lying around. I bought a HOT PINKchalkboard at a yard sale. It was from their wedding… I’m sorry, but I would feel bad making hubby and his friends wear in your face pink just because I wanted it. That’s just me, though. My colors were lavender, eggplant, and cream.

Sorry, back to the frame. I’m getting a little better about taking before pictures. See, I remembered to take a picture about halfway through the first coat. Then, once the frame was drying. And once I got the chalkboard put back in.

0925121943 DSCN0669 Photobucket

I also randomly decided to make little pumpkins out of craft sticks. It was really cute… until my {five-year old}puppy decided to eat them. They were hot glued to the frame. He pulled them off and started chomping away. Luckily, I heard the crunching and took it away before he ate too much of it. It still irks me.


What goodies did you find? Or make? Or dream up?

Hope you found time for something you love.

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Craft Room {Part 4: Progress}


I honestly can’t remember how long ago I started “getting ready” to paint this room… Guess what? I did it!

PhotobucketI took a really long time to get all of my craft crap goodies cleared out so there would be room to roll. This is what happens when you put a 16×20 room worth of stuff in a 6×10 closet…

I pushed the remaining furniture to the center of the room {and found a dead spider between the mattress and box spring}  then got to work taping off the walls. I ran out of tape before I got to the ceiling. It will be fine… I thought. Ladies and gentlemen, just do it right the first time. I now have all of this to fix because I was too cheap & lazy to go buy more tape.

But I finished, and put the bed back, and my corner shelf {$10 at a yard sale} and dug out my boxes of nick-knacks from my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. I was also able to find a home for Miriam {who still needs a bottom drawer}
DSCN0633_zpsa8f32827 Photobucket

This space above the bed needs something…

It’s a start. I’ll probably end up adding pieces here and there until it feels right.

At this point, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I’ve done so much , and yet when I look at the big picture… painting seems like a drop in a bucket. I really love the way things are coming together, though. It’s just what I saw while I was planning and dreaming.

DSCN0658-teaserHere’s a little teaser of another {almost} free project I finished this week. Hope everyone else was able to get some things accomplished. If not, take the weekend to do something you love.

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Almost Free Dresser Re-do {Meet Miriam}


{Allow me to re-cap for those who don’t read along regularly.}

I was given a free dresser just a week or two ago. free.  I’ve been holding some paint for my little sister, and got the go-ahead to use it for myself. free. I also just purchased several packages of drawer pulls from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $11 a set (10).See Vanessa Craft

I decided to make this dresser special. I wanted it to really POP!in my new or soon-to-be-new craft room. When in doubt, ask some friends. It really helps to have friends like Vanessa……                                                    {psst! —-→ }

Just sayin’. She’s the one who suggested aqua or something similar. Which reminded me of my sister’s “Melon Rind” paint that’s been hanging out in my garage since, like, June. I asked permission first, but I probably would’ve used it even if she said no.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Meet Miriam

0828121814 She was a little dirty, and a little frumpy in her modest, all white garb. So I took her in, and gave her a nice bath {Magic Eraser style }and a fresh, vibrant wardrobe change. I used an off-brand latex paint in Melon Rind. My sister bought it from a local paint shop that sells super cheap mis-tints and contractor leftovers. They’re my favorite new place for paint.

Anyway, you can see below the yucky first attempt at a drawer design. Always go with your first choice, just like when you were prepping for the ACT {or SAT if you weren’t like I was, and didn’t pick a “safe” school who didn’t look at SAT scores}This drawer is now awaiting my mom’s sander, and a mulligan.


Here she is in all her glory.

0905122246 As soon as my other pictures upload, I’ll show a close up of the distressed corners and edges. It works really well in my newly painted craft room {oops, spoiler-alert. That post is in the works.}
DSCN0626 I love the thin stenciled lines on the drawers. Of all things to use as a stencil, a baby food lid and a piece of cardstock. I just needed something round & something straight… so that’s what I grabbed. Whatever works, right?

So what works for you? Do you have a fantastic re-do to show off? Maybe one that’s in the works? Do it! Love it! Share it!

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Tomorrow Starts Today



I’m really tired of being fat. I’m also really tired of people telling me I’m not fat. You don’t see what I see. When nothing fits the way it’s supposed to, or you get out of the shower and your first reaction to the reflection looking back is “eww.” then it’s time to do something or quit complaining. It’s not just the way I look, either. I can’t carry my two-year old son upstairs without getting winded, and running around playing in the yard ha! in short bursts, maybe. Maybe. So yesterday, I decided that since today is Sunday I’ll just start something. No ideas really, I just knew that if I kept putting it off… I’d keep putting it off. That’s why I say

Tomorrow Starts Today

I stepped on the scale first thing this morning to give myself a “Starting point” for the weeks {maybe months} ahead. I also took pictures of what parts bug me the most…
0909120644 0909120643 0909120642

Basically, my legs {thighs rub} and that leftover baby belly have The cardio I’m getting into will help, but I’m going to need something else to actually take care of it. Anyway, now for my “quityerpitchin’an’dosumpin”

Today I have started a “No Coke” commitment. My sugar intake is probably through the roof. I drink lots of coffee {most days at least a pot}  with cream & sugar, cokes, and I have a sweet tooth to boot. Since the devil will be making snow angels when I give up my coffee… coke was a natural starting point. As for coffee, I switched to decaf when I got pregnant, and I am working on putting less sugar in it.

Also, I’m doing to do Couch to 5K. Sort of. I’m not paying for it, but I printed out a training schedule to guide myself. Today I walk 5 minutes, jog 2, walk 5. At the end of 9 weeks, I’ll be jogging a straight 25 minutes. I want to do the Special Kids Race again this March. Last time I ran {mostly walked } the 5K with my BFF, but this time we’re doing the 15K. It seems like such a major goal that I know I have to start training now. I gave myself too much time to relax & just go with it for the 5K.

So, those are my two main goals for the time being. No coke & run a 15K. I don’t set number goals as far as ” I want to lose __ pounds or __inches.” I feel stressed enough without counting pound for pound. I’ll be able to feel it when I’m back where I want to be.

It’s about to get really crafty in here


Sweet hubby and I stumbled upon a financial boo boo dilemma road block this week, and so I am putting us on a very strict budget. Because of said budget, I am challenging myself to be extra cheap crafty with my projects. While I always try to get a good deal on my supplies, I am also an impulse buyer. I could probably shop around and find a similar {fill in the blank}  I have a tendency to buy cute things when I see them and not take the time to price check. Now, in addition to my “never buy if you can make it for less” philosophy I am setting new rules for my craftiness:

  1. For the next 6 months, I will only START a new project if it is free. That means really free & not “the bookshelf was free, but I need x,y,z to redo it.” Free.
  2. For projects already in the works, I will only buy supplies if I have a coupon or the item is at least 50% off.
  3. I WILL follow my priority list in my journal. There are a million-and-two things around that house that I want to do… I already have a list of things that are “time sensitive” for lack of a better phrase.
  4. I will FINISH two projects for every one I decide to start. I can’t even get a work surface cleared in my room because I keep adding crafts without finishing them.

That’s it for now, as far as rules go.

Now, on to the fun stuff…


I recieved a picture on my phone the other day with the caption “Want it?” Well, it just so happened to be a white wooden 5-drawer dresser. free. All I had to do was go get it. And so, get it I did.


I apologize for the grainy cell phone picture, but it’s what I’ve got. {random side note: the shelf behind and to the left has a redo of its own coming soon. stay tuned}

The plan for her… I think I will call her Miriam… The plan for Miriam is to go into my craft room and perform double duty. The top two drawers will be for guests {after all, my craft room is technically still a guest room}  and the bottom three drawers will hold “sewing clutter.” One of my goals for the room is to have as little visible clutter as possible. But back to Miriam, I asked my good friends for color advice since I have a strong pull toward browns and greys and wanted some color! When aqua was suggested, I nearly leaped leapt jumped out of my chair {also getting a makeover soon}  because I’m holding a can of “Melon Rind” paint for my sister who, at present, has no home to paint.

“Nik, can I use your Melon paint?” “Sure. Whatcha painting?” “That dresser you gave me.” “Yes!!!!”

So now I have a free dresser, free paint, and some antique {looking}  drawer pulls ($11 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore). I’m planning some fun touches for this little girl! Probably my favorite is lining the drawers with decoupage book pages.

Look for more updates soon!