My little “Thing” is turning 2!!


Everyday for the last… month-ish… I’ve been thinking about how my baby is a toddler, and that toddler is on the fast track to becoming a little boy. He amazes and delights me daily… and daily I remind myself that the way we were disciplined is illegal now, so I’ll have to find other ways. God, grant me strength.

58446_753939582255_38412548_40619420_7951116_nThis is where it started. The day I felt more love than I ever knew existed. I have this in a frame on my desk at work. My mother-in-law bought it for me & it’s PERFECT!

Nine months of waiting and wondering

and now, here he is…

more perfect than we could have imagined,

more loved than he’ll ever know.

I wasn’t blogging when his first birthday came around, so I haven’t had a good chance to share the beautiful childbirth experience with you all. I hope you all caught the sarcasm in that addition of whimsy… The end result of childbirth is beautiful. There has never been a more perfect child than the one I held that day. BUT getting there was less rainbows and dandelions… more “I’m hungry, and you’re annoying.” I wish I had been better prepared for what my body would do when it was “time” because even though I was listening, we weren’t speaking the same language. Maybe there was a secret handshake that I had to do first, and then the pain would’ve been translated into “The baby is on his way out, get the doctor!” Instead, 37 minutes before earth’s population grew by 1, I just thought my contractions were finally getting stronger. Oh yea, my labor was induced at 7:30am. The OB broke my water at 9:30am. I played on my phone and Facebook – while my contractions were off the chart-until 11:30am when I started to actually feel pain. }  I called the nurse, and told her I thought I wanted the epidural because my contractions were starting to hurt. At this point, boys and girls, she should have checked my progress before going to get the anesthesiologist. She did not. So he gets in the room and scolds me for having a bowl of cereal before I came in. Seriously?! It was 6 hours ago! He gives me enough attitude that I almost told him to take his drugs and get away from me. Had the nurse checked my progress, I would not have called for the epidural in the first place. Know why? Because within 10 minutes of having supposed “feel good” drugs pumped into me, my right leg had gone numb… that’s as far as it got. At that 10 minute mark the pain quadrupledand I called the nurse back. She checked my progress finally }  and guess what?! The baby was crowning. She yells “Stop pushing! I’ve got to call the doctor.” To which I yelled back, “I’m not pushing, my body is doing it for me. She better get here quick, or you’re delivering!” My doctor arrived what seemed like forever after. Mom and hubby get me into position since I no longer have use of my right leg } and the doctor takes a seat. “Oh, you weren’t kidding.” Really?! Just shut up and help me get him out! So she tells me she’s going to count to 10 while I push, then take a breath & we’ll go to 10 again. After the 3rd or 4th push, instead of counting 8, 9, 10 it becomes “eiiiiiiiiii-ght……. niiiiiiiiiine….. You’re almost there. Just a little more.” All the while I am turning blue because I can’t push and breathe at the same time. I remember rage at having my counts stretched out. Tell me I have to push past 10 this time. Fine. But don’t drag it out. Finally, at 12:07pm, my not-so-little one made his way out, and I could breathe again. I am glad they handed him to me immediately, because there’s no telling how long I would’ve stayed mad over that stupid counting thing. Then, there he was. 8 pounds, 10 ounces & 20 inches long. Full head of curls. And he’s mine. Oh, and hubby’s, but at that moment he was mine. I did this. I made this! He’s part of me and I am part of him. He’s the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect child that ever existed… and I did that.

{sniffle, grab a tissue, breathe… ok moving on

This year’s party is a lot less fuss than year 1. Mostly because I needed a break. We’re going with a Cat in the Hat theme, and essentially, just playing at the park. He has a Thing 1 shirt, and I made  shirts for me & hubby dearest.

We’re also having your basics: cupcakes, punch, balloons, and streamers.

Can’t wait to report back after the party!

The party went relatively well for having a two-year old who refused to nap that day. We had a group of balloons make a break for it… the birthday boy had a meltdown {see below}. And then another meltdown over not getting the whole plate of cupcakes. I compromised and gave him a second one after he ate “his”  cupcake {for the record, he likes the icing not the cake}  The kids helped him open presents, and his cousin Kaylin told everyone “Braden says thank you.” I was surprised he shared so well.

B2ndbday DSCN0559 DSCN0575 DSCN0587 DSCN0591 DSCN0594 DSCN0606

So now my baby is 2… If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a Momma’s Boy to the max, I might be getting baby fever right about now. Instead, I hold him when he wants me to {several times a day} and we rock before bed, and he gives me kisses all. the. time. So we are quite content with our sweet little boy-child. Even when he’s running through the house making enough noise for even the Cat in the Hat to tell him to chill out.


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