I Heard it Through the Grapevine…


Actually, I have no idea what kind of vine this is.

This morning, a co-worker and I gave some much needed TLC to a plant bed in our “lobby” I use quotes because it’s an interesting little space that’s less lobby and more excuse me, pardon me, oops, sorry bout that. } Our old boss loved his plants, and when he retired he decided to leave them with us. A sweet gesture if he hadn’t let them turn into a jungle in the 6 months leading up to his retirement. Thanks, boss. You’re swell. Anyway, this is one of the plants he left behind.
I dunno what it is. I’d say it’s something “Palm-y” if I had to guess. We took care of the sad little leaves that could no longer support their own weight. Then we discovered some type of “vine-y” thing growing out of the pot. There was a lot of it, and some had actually adhered itself to the floor. Most peculiar.


One of the guys made the executive decision to cut the vines and throw them away with the other dead weight we’d pulled. As I’m cleaning up my mess I’m a band kid, so I have a horrible time making it into the basket } I start looking at all of those vines…

And inspiration struck. I quickly pulled them out of the trash {then cleaned up my mess again } and began my work. In a matter of minutes, I had what I was looking for.

Now all that’s left is drying time. I’m curious to see how much longer it takes to dry than the willow branches I’m used to working with. I may stick it in the oven for a bit just to speed things up. Luckily, I have a wreath already made at home so I’m not in a hurry for this one. I’m still excited to see how it dries.


About fromlondonwithlove2011

In no particular order, I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a lab rat, a poet, a gardener, a craft goddess-in-training, a daydreamer, a painter, a doodler, a bookworm, a some day entrepreneur, a rock star, a super hero, a fixer, a coffee enthusiast, a music lover, a beach dweller, a treadmill dreader, and a would-be tree-hugger. I love beautiful things, and sometimes have a really different take on what's beautiful. I have a wonderful (albeit stressful) life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Some days I want to pull the covers over my head and stay indefinitely, but other days I want to jump up and find something amazing to see/ do/ make. I want to share the things I am passionate about with other passionate people. And so it begins...

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