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My little “Thing” is turning 2!!


Everyday for the last… month-ish… I’ve been thinking about how my baby is a toddler, and that toddler is on the fast track to becoming a little boy. He amazes and delights me daily… and daily I remind myself that the way we were disciplined is illegal now, so I’ll have to find other ways. God, grant me strength.

58446_753939582255_38412548_40619420_7951116_nThis is where it started. The day I felt more love than I ever knew existed. I have this in a frame on my desk at work. My mother-in-law bought it for me & it’s PERFECT!

Nine months of waiting and wondering

and now, here he is…

more perfect than we could have imagined,

more loved than he’ll ever know.

I wasn’t blogging when his first birthday came around, so I haven’t had a good chance to share the beautiful childbirth experience with you all. I hope you all caught the sarcasm in that addition of whimsy… The end result of childbirth is beautiful. There has never been a more perfect child than the one I held that day. BUT getting there was less rainbows and dandelions… more “I’m hungry, and you’re annoying.” I wish I had been better prepared for what my body would do when it was “time” because even though I was listening, we weren’t speaking the same language. Maybe there was a secret handshake that I had to do first, and then the pain would’ve been translated into “The baby is on his way out, get the doctor!” Instead, 37 minutes before earth’s population grew by 1, I just thought my contractions were finally getting stronger. Oh yea, my labor was induced at 7:30am. The OB broke my water at 9:30am. I played on my phone and Facebook – while my contractions were off the chart-until 11:30am when I started to actually feel pain. }  I called the nurse, and told her I thought I wanted the epidural because my contractions were starting to hurt. At this point, boys and girls, she should have checked my progress before going to get the anesthesiologist. She did not. So he gets in the room and scolds me for having a bowl of cereal before I came in. Seriously?! It was 6 hours ago! He gives me enough attitude that I almost told him to take his drugs and get away from me. Had the nurse checked my progress, I would not have called for the epidural in the first place. Know why? Because within 10 minutes of having supposed “feel good” drugs pumped into me, my right leg had gone numb… that’s as far as it got. At that 10 minute mark the pain quadrupledand I called the nurse back. She checked my progress finally }  and guess what?! The baby was crowning. She yells “Stop pushing! I’ve got to call the doctor.” To which I yelled back, “I’m not pushing, my body is doing it for me. She better get here quick, or you’re delivering!” My doctor arrived what seemed like forever after. Mom and hubby get me into position since I no longer have use of my right leg } and the doctor takes a seat. “Oh, you weren’t kidding.” Really?! Just shut up and help me get him out! So she tells me she’s going to count to 10 while I push, then take a breath & we’ll go to 10 again. After the 3rd or 4th push, instead of counting 8, 9, 10 it becomes “eiiiiiiiiii-ght……. niiiiiiiiiine….. You’re almost there. Just a little more.” All the while I am turning blue because I can’t push and breathe at the same time. I remember rage at having my counts stretched out. Tell me I have to push past 10 this time. Fine. But don’t drag it out. Finally, at 12:07pm, my not-so-little one made his way out, and I could breathe again. I am glad they handed him to me immediately, because there’s no telling how long I would’ve stayed mad over that stupid counting thing. Then, there he was. 8 pounds, 10 ounces & 20 inches long. Full head of curls. And he’s mine. Oh, and hubby’s, but at that moment he was mine. I did this. I made this! He’s part of me and I am part of him. He’s the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect child that ever existed… and I did that.

{sniffle, grab a tissue, breathe… ok moving on

This year’s party is a lot less fuss than year 1. Mostly because I needed a break. We’re going with a Cat in the Hat theme, and essentially, just playing at the park. He has a Thing 1 shirt, and I made  shirts for me & hubby dearest.

We’re also having your basics: cupcakes, punch, balloons, and streamers.

Can’t wait to report back after the party!

The party went relatively well for having a two-year old who refused to nap that day. We had a group of balloons make a break for it… the birthday boy had a meltdown {see below}. And then another meltdown over not getting the whole plate of cupcakes. I compromised and gave him a second one after he ate “his”  cupcake {for the record, he likes the icing not the cake}  The kids helped him open presents, and his cousin Kaylin told everyone “Braden says thank you.” I was surprised he shared so well.

B2ndbday DSCN0559 DSCN0575 DSCN0587 DSCN0591 DSCN0594 DSCN0606

So now my baby is 2… If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s a Momma’s Boy to the max, I might be getting baby fever right about now. Instead, I hold him when he wants me to {several times a day} and we rock before bed, and he gives me kisses all. the. time. So we are quite content with our sweet little boy-child. Even when he’s running through the house making enough noise for even the Cat in the Hat to tell him to chill out.


My First {Make A Splash} Challenge: Stencils


July 7th

I just got my email from Steph over at Crafting in the Rain. This month’s challenge:

PhotobucketI got really excited, and already made a detailed project list { complete with a very rough little sketch that I will spare you } even though I’m probably a week or two from the project itself. Here’s what I’ll be using:

  • Count Your Blessing stencil (made in Word & cut from cardstock)
  • Willow wreath (cut from my own willow tree and made by me earlier this year)
  • Wooden slat (from a broken chair I found on the side of the road)
  • Hemp (already had from an earlier project)
  • Bronze #s (Goodwill find from earlier craft)
  • Fabric/felt flowers (inspiration here)
  • Hot glue
  • Paint

If I stick to the plan, I will not have to pay for this project. I already have everything I need. Granted, some things were paid for “at one time” but they’re old enough that I don’t think their cost is something worth factoring in. That’s all I’ve got for now. Next time, I should have pictures. { yay!! }

August 17

Had a productive few days off work, and managed to put a few pieces together. I glued the copper/bronze numbers to my wreath. Each number got a light smear of paint so it would stand out a little more from the willow. I dipped the tip of my finger in white(ish) paint and smeared it on. }


I also got the sign made. The turkey is extra special because of the effort {and craft-cheating} that went into it. Long story short, my Little is a teeny bit OCD and had a meltdown over me putting paint on his hand. I had to cheat improvise for the feathers.


And now for the stencil… since that is what this challenge was about. Count Your Blessings. Thanks to my friends Word and Exact-o, I was able to make my own stencil at zero cost to me! And, really, who isn’t proud of themselves for getting something for nothing? I tied the two wooden pieces from the highway chair using hemp, and “Got my paint on!”  I didn’t take a close-up, but it has its flaws like bleeding under the edge of the stencil, but oh well. I like it.


August 22

And here we are… is everyone as excited as I am for the finished product? haha This is the type of project where you don’t actually care if anyone else loves it or even likes it, because you feel such a sense of accomplishment. Anyway, here you go!


This is the second wreath that has made me wish my front door was different… or at least a different color. Something must be done! }

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Artsy-Fartsy Perfect Planner


Everyone needs to stop anything else they are doing, and click this link!

Artsy-Fartsy Mama: Let’s Get Organized {again}

Hopefully, everyone came back to me. I need to share the awesome planner I made today!

I printed off the planner sheets on a 2-sided setting… 8 weeks and then 52 weeks in a year… I think it was 6 or 7 copies.

3-hole punch & a 3-ring binder…

Guess what?! I’m done.

Well, except that I went to put it in my purse, and it was a no-go.  Since my other half already calls my purse a “satchel” I decided I needed to downsize. Men just don’t get it… {along with having the same shoe in 4 colors.} So I went back to the figurative drawing board.

I’m not really very tech-savvy. Like, at all. I’m impressed with myself for blogging with so few failures disasters hiccups. So after entirely too much time figuring out how our printer/copier/scanner/fax/panini maker {ok, that’s a small exaggeration, but still}  works, I was able to make a planner that was half the size of the original. I can’t explain the process very well, but I selected 2-sided print as well as combine pages to get two weeks on each side of the page. After that, I just cut the pages in half with my best friend & handy helper, the office paper cutter. Then for the cover, I pulled a Coke box from recycling, and got to cuttin’.  I used the lamination-thingy {it’s a technical term} and sent my covers through. Now, I have a dry/wet erase friendly cover for my planner. Hole punch and the little circle rings {made out of paperclips and boredom} and she’s all finished!


Hope everyone gets a chance to do something they love this week. I’ll be linking up here with more people who love what they do.

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creative corner hop

Craft Bliss


I neglected almost all of my housework this week in order to get my craft fix inspired craft time. I had a lot of supplies arrive in the mail this week… and of course, I had to use them ASAP.

First up, canvas!








Ok… This one is actually on newspaper. Not canvas. }


And one I haven’t named…


I also have wood blocks, wall trim, pegboard, and vinyl chalkboard sheets.

I’ll be sure to post again when I get some things going with my other supplies.

In the meantime, go do something you love… I know I will!

I’m linking up with some other crafty ladies here:

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I Heard it Through the Grapevine…


Actually, I have no idea what kind of vine this is.

This morning, a co-worker and I gave some much needed TLC to a plant bed in our “lobby” I use quotes because it’s an interesting little space that’s less lobby and more excuse me, pardon me, oops, sorry bout that. } Our old boss loved his plants, and when he retired he decided to leave them with us. A sweet gesture if he hadn’t let them turn into a jungle in the 6 months leading up to his retirement. Thanks, boss. You’re swell. Anyway, this is one of the plants he left behind.
I dunno what it is. I’d say it’s something “Palm-y” if I had to guess. We took care of the sad little leaves that could no longer support their own weight. Then we discovered some type of “vine-y” thing growing out of the pot. There was a lot of it, and some had actually adhered itself to the floor. Most peculiar.


One of the guys made the executive decision to cut the vines and throw them away with the other dead weight we’d pulled. As I’m cleaning up my mess I’m a band kid, so I have a horrible time making it into the basket } I start looking at all of those vines…

And inspiration struck. I quickly pulled them out of the trash {then cleaned up my mess again } and began my work. In a matter of minutes, I had what I was looking for.

Now all that’s left is drying time. I’m curious to see how much longer it takes to dry than the willow branches I’m used to working with. I may stick it in the oven for a bit just to speed things up. Luckily, I have a wreath already made at home so I’m not in a hurry for this one. I’m still excited to see how it dries.

Craft Room {Part 3}



Uh oh! I was browsing the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart… and I think I have changed my color scheme. Well, only kinda. }I am keeping the yellow as my base color, and there will still be my pine color & my dirt… I just have a few accents to change up. Instead of the coral I originally had planned, this purple is calling my name… loudly.

The pillows I already have with the coral will still work, and I have a button patterned fabric that I’m making a… whatever those round, flat pillows are called. That’s going to bug me…


I’ve always called them button pillows, because that’s what they make me think of are great big buttons. probably also why I chose a button fabric for the project  }Any way, point being the colors should all compliment each other well.

Some of the things I have already made or at least have begun making }are :

– dress form pincushion/ memo board

– button pushpins for the dress form { all made from buttons in my great-grandmother’s sewing kit }

– decoupage & button wall clock { also made with my grandmother’s buttons }

– chevron throw pillow { still toying with some additions to it }

– something for the door… probably button inspired

 That’s the fun stuff.

The not fun stuff that people always seem to forget to mention in their remodel and makeover blogs is just how much PREP goes into doing it. I kid you not, I’m still cleaning my room. I swear I don’t recall buying so much STUFF but there it is… waiting… taunting me… it never ends. I’m really hoping that as stuff comes back out of the closet once I’m done painting, there will be a home for it all. Maybe that will help it not feel and look }  like a cluttered mess. For now, I’m just trying to clear a large enough space in the center of the room to move the bed and my desk away from the walls so I can get to painting. After that, it will all start going together. hopefully }

And now, a few progress pictures… 

0711121709 0703121322 0802122157 0802122201 0802122202

As a side note, the table beside the bed is a temporary need. On & under it, I have my “work in progress” clutterjunk for my first festival booth and Thing 1’s birthday party supplies. I wonder if he’s actually Thing 3 since we did have the dogs before he was born… }