Nothing Clever to Say About Quilting


I could’ve used a bad pun about my “batting average” but I decided against it. Alas, I could think of nothing else for a clever title.
I am all ready to tackle my

Next Big Adventure

If I knew enough about HTML, I would have made that sparkly or something. I had to illustrate just how excited I am to be quilting. Well, technically, I’m not quilting, yet. But I do have all of my materials ready and waiting for me to get started.
In fact, just this morning I bought some squares of fabric on clearance. I have the quilt design laid out (and remembered to take a picture of it for future reference).
This will be for my little girl’s room… the little girl that I’m not even pregnant with, yet… and still about a year out from trying.
So not the point.
I also have two nieces or nephews on the way, and I’m going to make quilts and/or diaper bags for them.
I played in Paint the other day, and laid out some rough ideas for pattern and color combinations.

One sister has asked for green and yellow since she already has a boy and a girl. This way, they can all share it. I’m leaning toward some variation of this quilt, found in the book Sunday Morning Quilts

Of course, I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get there because my immediate task is to work on Charley’s Quilt.

Charley’s Quilt

If I ever decide to write a tutorial, someone is going to have to remind me to take pictures along the way. By the time I thought about taking pictures, I was already this far along.


I followed this Rag Quilt Tutorial, and it has been smooth sailing… well, once I learned to count to 16 instead of 14. Using the layout from the first picture, I decided to make my quilt into 16 groups of 4 squares, with 2″ strips separating each group.


Turns out, this was the easy part. I learned the hard way that dimensions matter.

If one of your squares isn’t, well, square it kinda throws a kink into things. I had a few seams that didn’t quite match up, and the outer edge was an interesting mixture of edges. But I was able to trim everything up, and for my first quilt, I think I had a manageable amount of Oops’s.

Here is a picture of the “clean” side, and when I have finished all the teeny tiny little snips that make up the frayed side, I’ll add that picture as well.


Thanks for stopping by. My next quilt will get started very soon & I can’t wait to share it with everyone.


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In no particular order, I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a lab rat, a poet, a gardener, a craft goddess-in-training, a daydreamer, a painter, a doodler, a bookworm, a some day entrepreneur, a rock star, a super hero, a fixer, a coffee enthusiast, a music lover, a beach dweller, a treadmill dreader, and a would-be tree-hugger. I love beautiful things, and sometimes have a really different take on what's beautiful. I have a wonderful (albeit stressful) life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Some days I want to pull the covers over my head and stay indefinitely, but other days I want to jump up and find something amazing to see/ do/ make. I want to share the things I am passionate about with other passionate people. And so it begins...

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