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Craft Room Envy


My craft room needs love… and storage… and a real work area.

Silly me thought I would search around for inspiration… What I found: several you-should-be-jealous rooms. Not only am I in love with the amount of space some of these ladies have, but the sheer volume of their supplies makes me feel like a mega n00b.

I mean, really?! Look at this stuff!

Reality Check

After tearing myself away from the Ooh’s and Ahh’s of the massive rooms, I found several spaces similar to my own, awkward, little room. Some of these ladies have done a great deal of work to make what they have as functional as possible.

This is what I need to focus my energy on.

I have this same type of slanted ceiling in my room, and have had a hard time finding shelving that would make use of the space. I really like the pegboard idea (and have a friend who can give me some. free= win) and could paint it any color I wanted. I’m also in love with glass jars… and may or may not have a banker’s box full of saved baby food jars because “I’m sure I’ll find something I can use them for.”

Now this is an idea I love! I’m thinking of putting a wire shelving unit around my little corner, and I have a LOT of cardstock. She has her bags organized by event (one for Birthday themes, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) I can do that, plus have a place for solids, stripes, etc. And it doesn’t take up a work surface… which is crucial for my limited area. This next one is also a great way to make a multi-purpose space (it will also save me many trips up and down the stairs with the ironing board going to and from our laundry room).

Let’s see what else I can… Oooh!!!!!
My mom could help me install something like this! While I’m crafty, she’s Handy. I’ve learned the difference through renovation trial and error. This looks simple enough, though. I may even get ambitious and carry the table one wall further than I had planned so I can do something pretty around my window. Hmmm… the ideas are churning now.

Ideas like floating tables… along 3 of the 9 walls in my room… and some way to create this kind of warmth in my space. Right now, it’s just so… contractor grade. I definitely don’t see the kind of “character” I had hoped for when we were house hunting. I kinda hate the puzzle-piece feel our upstairs has. Cubbie-type spaces next to closets, dormer windows, more cubbie-type spaces to make room for the landing at the top of the stairs… I wish I could share my current look of disgust at the mere thought of all my awkward angles. Alas, I digress. It took me years to come to terms with my own awkwardness, so I shouldn’t expect myself to fully embrace this space in the 3 years we’ve lived in our home… especially since my craft room was just a catch-all for the first two years. A makeover is exactly what my room needs to feel Charmingly Awkward (thank you Dave Smallen for my favoritest adjective combo of all time).

Anyway, I need ideas to make my space MINE and thanks to my ever-growing obsession with trying bold projects, I think I can handle it. Here’s a drawing I did in Paint earlier of how I want the room laid out.
It’s not to scale, but you see why I call it an awkward puzzle piece. So many things in this house make me wish ill thoughts toward the contractor…. but that’s a rant of another nature.


I’ve decided on Glidden – French Mustard for the walls. The bed (since this room doubles as a guest bedroom) has a pine colored quilt that I love and a few burlap throw pillows with deep pink and coral flowers. I’m thinking of keeping everything a natural wood stain, maybe honey colored. Then I’ll accent with chocolate & coral, light touches of green here and there. I have a cedar hope chest at the foot of the bed that I’m trying to decide should I recover or maybe just stencil onto the burlap that’s already on it (even though it’s a little worn and dirty). If I decide to get rid of my current desk… I could add another work table along the far left wall & set up my computer there… Oh, decisions, decisions.

I’ve written myself a reminder to take some “before” pictures of the room (once I finish the transition from winter clothes to summer clothes, because both are currently piled up and stuffed in bags). Provided no unexpected expenses crop up, I should get to paint in 2 weeks. This also assumes I have the room clean enough to move the furniture to the center… Oh well, one thing at a time. I’m excited! See… This is me being excited!


Check it out!


I stumbled across a blog, and while there is only one post, the concept behind it is refreshing.


Stop by and leave your story.

Become a Follower.

I think more people need to know that just pushing through is all any of us can do.

People draw inspiration from lots of places…

you could be one of those places.

Do something you love… and inspire others.

{almost} No Sew T-shirt Makeover


Three posts in two days?! I guess I’m making up for the like three weeks I was caught up in that whole life thing.

So, back to why I’m writing.

I’m a jeans & tee kinda girl. Always have been.

I go to Kohl’s, find the same cotton crew I always get, and get one of every color…

Then I realize I can’t spend $200 on shirts and I put at least half of them back. (There’s only so many shades of blue and grey you need)

On to the tutorial I found

DIY Braided Neck Tee

This is hands down amazing. I wanted to start the post before I forgot, but I’m about to time myself making this.

Ready, set, Go!

This is the shirt I literally just took off my back.

I cut out the neck because I didn’t think it would look right.

Snipped around just like the tutorial said…

And in less than 10 minutes had this!

I’m going to touch up the extra fabric on my left side so that they’ll be more even,

but Holy Smokes! That was super easy, and now my 1-of-30 solid tees has a little more “Ta-dah!”

Hope this sparks an inspiration to do something you love.

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Trendy Special Dates Craft


The reason for the existence of this project is a little complex, but I want to be sure everyone gets the credit they deserve.

As I do every Friday, I was checking out Do Something Crafty on my friend Vanessa’s blog.

From there, I found The House That Built Us‘s blog and a link to Signs by Andrea.

The cheap crafty lady in me thought “I can create this in Word!”

And guess what… I did!

Once I found the font I liked (Bradley Handwriting) I typed out our dates and printed.

And genius struck! I have a large roll of brown postal paper… cut to 8 1/2 x 11

Print. Crinkle – I’m a texture person –

And voila!

Add a thrift store frame… and I think it’s done.

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Sew cute (and easy, too)


I’m not sure how many people have jumped on the eReader bandwagon, but I love, love, LOVE my Kindle.

My book selections tend to be on the thick side, so carrying my library with me in a 7 oz package is pretty amazing.

When I first got it, I immediately started looking for accessories and had a huge sticker-shock over some cute cases.


   Dear Google,
   Find me a Kindle case tutorial... It needs to be free... And relatively easy.
   Thank you,
   Cheapskate London

And behold…Patchwork Kindle Case

I was feeling less ambitious when I made these, so I decided to forgo the patchwork.

Instead, I went with a Vera Bradley inspired look.

I also made one for a friend’s mom for Mother’s Day, and love the jewelry clasp embellishment.

I am also thinking that this would be a perfect pattern for a makeup clutch.

I like to travel light, and these are very slim.

I could easily pack my regular makeup regime in it. (I’m a less-is-more advocate)

Hope this inspires you to create something you love. Post a link to share your creations.

Nothing Clever to Say About Quilting


I could’ve used a bad pun about my “batting average” but I decided against it. Alas, I could think of nothing else for a clever title.
I am all ready to tackle my

Next Big Adventure

If I knew enough about HTML, I would have made that sparkly or something. I had to illustrate just how excited I am to be quilting. Well, technically, I’m not quilting, yet. But I do have all of my materials ready and waiting for me to get started.
In fact, just this morning I bought some squares of fabric on clearance. I have the quilt design laid out (and remembered to take a picture of it for future reference).
This will be for my little girl’s room… the little girl that I’m not even pregnant with, yet… and still about a year out from trying.
So not the point.
I also have two nieces or nephews on the way, and I’m going to make quilts and/or diaper bags for them.
I played in Paint the other day, and laid out some rough ideas for pattern and color combinations.

One sister has asked for green and yellow since she already has a boy and a girl. This way, they can all share it. I’m leaning toward some variation of this quilt, found in the book Sunday Morning Quilts

Of course, I’ll have to cross that bridge when I get there because my immediate task is to work on Charley’s Quilt.

Charley’s Quilt

If I ever decide to write a tutorial, someone is going to have to remind me to take pictures along the way. By the time I thought about taking pictures, I was already this far along.


I followed this Rag Quilt Tutorial, and it has been smooth sailing… well, once I learned to count to 16 instead of 14. Using the layout from the first picture, I decided to make my quilt into 16 groups of 4 squares, with 2″ strips separating each group.


Turns out, this was the easy part. I learned the hard way that dimensions matter.

If one of your squares isn’t, well, square it kinda throws a kink into things. I had a few seams that didn’t quite match up, and the outer edge was an interesting mixture of edges. But I was able to trim everything up, and for my first quilt, I think I had a manageable amount of Oops’s.

Here is a picture of the “clean” side, and when I have finished all the teeny tiny little snips that make up the frayed side, I’ll add that picture as well.


Thanks for stopping by. My next quilt will get started very soon & I can’t wait to share it with everyone.