Monthly Archives: April 2012

Springtime projects


Spring is here! Even though we seem to have jumped straight to summer heat.

I can never decide whether I like spring or fall best. I love the richness that fall brings,

but springtime is. . . delicate. Everything is new and coming alive, and all the greens and pinks and yellows. . .

It just makes me think of something fragile. Maybe it’s becoming a mom that makes you associate new life with tenderness.

Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. I have a small stash of bright fabrics that I can’t wait to do something with.

First off, I’m making a floral print tunic for Easter. I was going to modify the pattern to a dress, but I’ll save that for another time. I also have plans for Kindle covers and matching coffee sleeves for my sister and me.

While looking for spring decor ideas on Pinterest (where else) I came across an amazing wreath for the front door.


I pieced together what materials I already had: Willow wreath (made by me from my own tree), some pearls, some fabric, some buttons, a LOT of hot glue… and went to town.

Two failed attempts to get the look I wanted, and I settled for this.

I’m still really proud of it, but next spring I’ll have to do some tweaking.

While I was in the springtime spirit, I made a wreath for my babysitter as well. Hers turned out MUCH better in terms of vision meets product.

I also planted a flowerbed, or rather tended to an existing one that had been consumed with honeysuckle and weeds and added some more to it.

It’s not very exciting right now because most of what I planted are summer blooms…

It will eventually be really pretty, though.